Your home entertainment center may function extremely well for watching movies, playing video games and other tech based fun  , but have you ever considered what it look likes when it is not in use? If you are like most people, your home entertainment center probably looks like a storage place for technology and electrical equipment which dominates your living area, 

We are not suggesting that you hide all your tech away. After all we are not living in the 1970s. However the average entertainment center looks pretty boring and ugly and none of us want to live with boring and ugly.

So finding out how to decorate an entertainment center can improve your home décor very easily by celebrating all that great tech and incorporating it into your home environment. 

How to decorate an entertainment center

One of the easiest ways to decorate your entertainment center is by the use of color coordinated ornaments. Place these on top of your entertainment center and continue the theme throughout the unit. Stick with only a few well designed and beautiful pieces to create an uncluttered appearance that enhance the space and attract attention to these objects, rather than the focus of attention being focused solely on tech equipment. 

Storage space is important too. Adding some decorative natural baskets to your home entertainment center gives you a place to store your discs, handsets and other small objects that cause clutter.  Position these where they can be easily accessed and stored away after use.

If your entertainment has enough space why not add a plant or two? A decorative climber such as Ivy or a few succulent pot plants which don’t require too much water or light can be an ideal addition to your unit.

Adding pictures to the space can look fantastic too. If there are spaces behind the shelving why not add some cool images that reflect your personality or interest? Old movie stills, blockbuster adverts, images of gaming icons can all provide style to your home entertainment center. 

Bring light to the area and create an illusion of space with the aid of a mirror. Fitting a mirror can fill a vertical space and create a spacious airy vibe, rather than just leaving the area blank. 

Arrange a grouping of interesting objects that work together. For example a picture or painting in a vertical space combined with some physical objects that are depicted in the painting can look very effective. Because creating a theme is such an interesting visual effect, it will draw attention away from the screen and your tech, giving your whole room a cool vibe. 

How to decorate an entertainment centre will depend upon your own tastes and your own space. However doing this is certainly worthwhile because if you don’t, your living room décor will become dominated by your screen and assorted tech, making your home look boring and unloved!