Fashion is a package that includes glamour, beauty, and style. It varies from culture to culture, beliefs, and outlooks. The purpose of fashion is to portray your identity and personality in a creative way. Following fashion trends and staying up to date is never easy, especially when there is a curiosity to know the style and fashion trends of our favorite movie stars. We are always craving more information about celebrity fashion and beauty regimens.

There are many vintage fashion books by great photographers and designers, depicting the glamourous fashion of Hollywood movie stars, supermodels, and other pop culture personalities. The purpose of these vintage fashion books is to provide all the details related to vintage fashion trends and past techniques practiced by popular fashion icons.

Here are some must-read vintage fashion books of classic movie stars that cover vast aspects of style and other important things that revolve around the world of fashion.

3 Vintage Fashion Books and Styles of Classic Movie Stars

Dressing Marilyn by Andrew Hansford

Dressing Marilyn”  is entirely written about Marilyn Monroe’s dashing style statements and her breathtaking dresses. She is one of the most popular public figures whose style statements are still followed. Her signature styles will always remain evergreen in the fashion industry. Her beautiful costumes were designed by one of the most famous designers of all time, William Travilla. The rare and unique dress cuts and styles that Marilyn carried beautifully were solely designed by Travilla. Marilyn’s signature styles included the blonde bob layered haircut with stretched eyeliner and bold lips. Her dresses were always simple, yet had a flair for unique cuts and designs.

Red Carpet: Hollywood Fame and Fashion by Frank Trapper

Red Carpet: Hollywood Fame and Fashion” includes photography and information related to 20 years of movie stars’ fashion. It covers major events in Hollywood since 1987. From star-studded parties to the Academy Awards and movie premieres, the book celebrates how celebrities were styled and how many of their fashion statements have marked history. The book also features beautiful gowns worn by famous classic movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor.

The Way We Wore: A Life In Threads by Robert Elms

The Way We Wore: A Life In Threads” is written about the fashion trends set by Marsha Hunt, who was a well-renowned screen and stage actress in the 1930s and 1940s. In the book, she discusses her signature styles, fashion stories, incredible dresses, and the designers behind her glamorous looks. This is one of our favorite vintage fashion books, as it is perfect for professional fashion followers and fans alike.

The vintage fashion books of classic movie stars are beneficial for fashion industry professionals and everyday fashionistas. Whether it be classic or modern, fashion trends set by celebrities are always remembered and followed in the fashion world.