With the rise of comic book adaptations and the increasing demand of their movies, the release of Joker (2019) was highly anticipated. Since even before its release, Joker has been the most talked-about movie this year. Be it the acting of Joaquin Phoenix or its social relevance, the film has gained a lot of popularity amongst its audience. If you still haven’t watched it, here are some compelling reasons why you should watch Joker 2019. 

3 Reasons to Watch ‘Joker’ 2019

1. Joaquin Phoenix’s Phenomenal Acting

It can not be argued that this might be one of Joaquin’s best performances. The way he portrays the emotions and feelings of his character is extremely moving and bound to make you want to watch until the end. You should watch Joker 2019 to see how he undertakes his character and conveys it to the audience with perfection. 

2. Get to See a Different Version of Gotham City

You might have seen Gotham City in different versions of the Batman movies, but its depiction in Joker is completely different. You get to experience Gotham City on a different level. You get to know what the street life is like and how people treat each other. The film focuses on cruelty and ignorance of the citizens for each other. You learn how lack of compassion drives an individual to the point of no return. Experience a new version of Gotham City when you watch Joker 2019. 

3. Social Relevance

This is the final and the most important reason why it’s impertinent to watch Joker 2019. Mental health issues have recently gained attention due to the measures taken by society to make people aware of how important they are. This movie shows the life of Arthur Fleck, who suffers from extreme psychological issues that are disregarded by everyone in the film. He, himself, is unable to understand his condition properly leading him to take such violent measures to defend himself. 

Had he been treated properly and was given proper medication and nutritional supplements to aid him, he wouldn’t take up violence as a response. Healthcare plays a vital role in helping individuals think straight and feel better. Joker plays a vital role in explaining how a lack of awareness of mental health and other healthcare issues may result in extreme physical and mental distortions. Not being able to feel better about yourself leads one to either make others suffer or end their suffering. 

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