We have to admit that we all like to wrap ourselves up and sit in front of our laptops and TVs to watch nightmare-inducing scary movies once in a while. Yes, some of us get our kicks from watching crazed killers go on a massive spree of violence or love the adrenaline overflow from ghostly jump scares. Well, you are in luck as we are going to take a look at some of the best action horror movie picks filled with tons of action that have been released so far this year.

5 Best Action Horror Movie Picks of 2020

Gretel & Hansel

“Gretel & Hansel” is yet another remake of a famous fairy-tale told in a twisted way certainly not like that told to children. This is a tale of a girl and her younger brother who encounter great evil as they search for work and staple.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill

“Disappearance at Clifton Hill” is a grim tale that revolves around Abby and her connection to her hometown called Clifton Hill. Growing up, she witnessed a horrendous crime and a mystery no one could solve. After a death pulls her back to Clifton Hill years later, she is pulled right back into the case she was faced with when she was a child, digging deeper and facing terrors she could not have imagined.

The Lodge

“The Lodge” is a depiction of a family getaway gone horribly wrong. The family travels to their winter cabin for the holidays to have a fun time and for the kids to bond with their father’s new girlfriend. However, when the father has to leave for work, a blizzard traps the kids with their dad’s new girlfriend, leaving them all alone to deal with the horrors which follow. This is truly one of the best action horror movies released this year yet. 

Color Out of Space

What do you get if you combine H.P. Lovecraft and Nicolas Cage? You get “Color Out of Space,” a horror movie packed with scenes from an action movie. This sci-fi thriller sees Lovecraft’s scenes come to life when a simple family has to battle against extraterrestrial beings as their quiet life turns into a living nightmare.   

The Invisible Man

Ready for the best action horror movie? We saved the best for the last. While movies of a similar theme have come and gone, this rendition seems to have finally hit the nail on the head. “The Invisible Man” follows the story of a girl in an abusive relationship with a scientist who finally breaks free as she runs away with the help of her friends. However, when her ex commits suicide, events start to occur which could hardly be deemed as coincidences. Follow the story of Cecilia as she tries to prove that she is not losing her mind and is instead being haunted by something no one can see, which surely has all the feelings of one of the best action horror movies this year.

All of these movies are some of the best movies that you will come across in 2020. With action-packed horror, you are sure to enjoy your time watching them!