How to Prevent Blood Clots from Watching Too Much TV

Watching TV is a lot of fun. You get to watch different movies, listen to songs, and if you’ve got a “smart TV,” then you can even binge-watch your favorite streaming shows and YouTube videos. No doubt, watching TV is an activity in which you can easily lose track of time and get carried away. “Just one more episode” is a sentiment that we can all relate with, since it is something that we have either heard or said ourselves. Watching TV isn’t a bad habit, but certain activities in excess can have adverse effects on our health, and watching too much TV is one of them.

How Many Hours of TV Watching are Too Many?

While a large majority of people know and understand that excessive TV watching has harmful effects on the body, they don’t necessarily know how much TV is too much TV. The general rule of excessive amounts of TV watching points to anything that goes above three and a half hours.

Excessive Amounts of Television Leads to Blood Clots

As we sit in front of the television for an excess amount of time, the natural blood circulation within our legs and feet becomes impaired. This has aided scientific research into concluding that those who watch too much TV have a higher risk of developing a condition named venous thromboembolism. It is a condition that leads to blood clots forming within the veins. Researchers at the American Heart Association concluded that those who sat in front of the television for lengthy periods of time were, in fact, 1.7 times more prone to developing venous thromboembolism. This is specific to those who marked “very often” when asked about the amount of TV that they watch.

Prevent Blood Clots with B.P. Complex Blood Pressure and Circulation Support

While there are natural ways of preventing blood clots, let’s be honest, how many of us remember to or can take walks after 20 minutes of TV? Another known method is to exercise while watching TV, but that isn’t practical unless one has a treadmill that faces towards their television set, which is pretty rare. A great way to prevent your blood from clotting within the veins is through the use of these capsules. 

B.P Complex is a natural supplement by Premier Research Labs that is completely vegan. This supplement aids the cardiovascular system and supports the blood pressure to remain within its normal range. This allows the body to regulate the body’s blood circulation and prevents blood clots. To know more about this product, simply follow the link. 

Our physical well-being is of the highest priority, which is why we should always prioritize investing in our health before anything else. Live your life in a way in which you can truly enjoy yourself, by first, protecting yourself.