The name of the new Mr. Rogers movie, starring Tom Hanks, is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019). This movie was nominated for an Oscar due to the amazing role Hanks played when portraying Mr. Rogers, who was one of the most beloved children’s TV hosts in U.S. history. The film had numerous positive reviews, hitting the hearts of audience members due to the incredible direction and acting by the cast.

Storyline of the Movie

Fred Rogers, who created and hosted in the kids’ TV show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (1968 – 2001), is portrayed by Tom Hanks in this movie. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is about the cynicism that is triumphed by kindness and positivity. The story is based on a real-life true story of true friendship between Tom Junod, who is a journalist, and Rogers. 

Mr. Rogers teaches this journalist about kindness, empathy, and how to overcome skepticism. These themes are the core reason the audience loves this film.

This movie is one of the greatest examples of how the perception of distrustfulness can be converted into a positive perception. The entire storyline is to pay tribute to the great American hero.

The Cast 

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood consists of an amazing cast, and that is why the movie has successfully hit the hearts of the audience. This is another reason why Hanks was nominated for an Oscar for this movie.

Hanks portrayed Mr. Rogers successfully, though he did not look like him by appearance. Matthew Rhys played the journalist Vogel in the movie. 

Overall, there is a hidden message that is delivered by Hanks as Mr. Rogers throughout the entire movie. This message is about the three ways to achieve success in life. All three ways revolve around kindness and showing empathy, and the rest of the world is yours.