Binging Netflix for hours has now become a new addiction. Many people spend hours and hours watching movies and serial TV shows nonstop. This addiction is so intense that it is indirectly harming many of our internal functions. Sadly, we do not bother to take these side effects seriously. Keep reading to find out how binge-watching can create a pulse in eyes and how should we protect ourselves from it.

Are You Feeling a Pulse in Eyes?

When people binge-watch their shows on Netflix or similar streaming services, you may not realize what damage you are doing to your eyes. You might have heard different myths about exposing your body and eyes too much in front of the TV. Unfortunately, there are real health consequences to too much binge-watching.

The real trouble begins when you start feeling a pulse in eyes, or you feel that you are too tired and exhausted by sitting on the couch and watching your favorite shows for hours on end. 

A pulse in eyes is a warning sign that it is time you should give your eyes some rest. You need to be careful that you do not get eye strain, because it weakens your eyesight and might even lead to blindness in the worst cases. 

Tips on How to Protect Your Vision from the Effects of Binge-Watching

If you feel a pulse in eyes, your head hurts, or your vision is blurry, you may be feeling negative effects from binge-watching. Do you ever wonder why that is so? Well, below we will discuss some tips to help you with these issues.

  • Make sure to position yourself in front of your TV in a way that you sit 6 to 9 feet away from it.
  • Never watch TV in the dark. This increases the focus and imbalances your vision. Always minimize or reduce the glare on your screen.
  • Try to give your eyes a break when you are nonstop watching your shows for hours. Please give some rest to your nerves.
  • Drinking water while watching shows is another way to prevent your eyes from strains. This keeps you hydrated, and your eyes do not constantly focus on one thing.
  • Try to take some nutrition supplements to ensure healthy eyesight. We recommend supplements that support healthy vision by Doctors Best or Pure Encapsulations.

These tips are really important for Netflix binge-watchers so you prevent eye strains or other damage.