The current state of the pandemic has caused all and sundry to seek a safe space under the face of the Earth. For movie lovers, they aren’t left out. That’s because the floating boat cinema is quickly becoming a thing that is certainly most useful in this pandemic. What does this mean? You can practice social distancing while watching a movie regardless. 

In this short read, we will go through the different details about floating boat cinema. Let’s get to it!

Floating Boat Cinema – What you should know about it

Just like the name implies, the floating boat cinema refers to a boat with has a cinema built in it. With this special movie viewing/watching adventure, you, your guests, family, and other people you care about can watch any film of your choice on the surface of the water.

Most times the floating boat cinema is made up of about 12 – 24 mini boats that will allow occupants of the boat to be socially distanced all over the water. Every boat will have up to 8 people in it.

Since a lot of us are craving a safe night amid the pandemic, this is easily the best option to go for. While watching a movie in it, you and the rest of your family and friends can enjoy the maximum comfort that comes from sitting in your boat. The pandemic drove the Americans to come up with their idea of floating boats. To them, this is a great way to entertain everyone. 

Floating cinema boat In Houston

The floating boat idea is a renewal of the drive-in movie theaters. “Beyond Cinema”, a theater company based in Australia proposed the idea of taking the socially distanced movie screening to a whole new level.  Earlier this year, they announced that the floating boat cinema would hit some of the major cities in the US which include Austin, Houston, and Texas.

Like we mentioned earlier on, customers who visit the Houston floating boat would have to rent one mini boat for themselves to ensure that each group is properly seated with their friends and family and also to encourage social distancing on and between the boats. 

People who go to watch movies at this cinema will have access to the open air, chew on their free popcorn, and use other types of refreshments that are available.

Summer is fast approaching and indoor cinemas would fastly fade to make way for outdoor theaters. 


In summary, not all movies have to be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle. A few months back, “Cinema”, an event which featured where cars got swapped with boats held in Paris.  This seems to be the case here as a new type of movie-watching experience is fast making waves.  Everyone who enjoys being at the cinema would love this change up to maximum! If you’re a movie /film lover, this is your opportunity to experience the cinema from a different light!